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The A1 Trading Dashboard for MT4

The A1 Trading Dashboard combines features from dozens of scanners and indicators into one tool.

Quick Navigation

With the A1 Trading dashboard, you can quickly switch between charts on your watchlist and scan for setups with just a few clicks.


Receive trade setup notifications on your MT4 in real time. Spend less time looking for setups, and only get notified when a setup forms!

Powerful Scans

Get buy/sell ratings in seconds on your favorite charts, using multiple technical factors and advanced detection tools.
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Scan the markets for various price action setups and information, as seen in the picture. This includes things like candlestick patterns, support and resistance, daily high/low, etc.

The following scans are available: 
Bullish/bearish support/resistance pivots, high/low of day, high/low of week, pullback zones, bullish/bearish engulfing candlesticks, bullish/bearish pinbar candlesticks, bullish/bearish RSI divergence

Each of these can be toggled on/off and alerts can be set to true/false.


Using the trends tab, you can up to 9 markets on your watchlist at once, on 4 different timeframes simultaneously to find the strongest current trends.

The trends tab uses the 20, 50, and 200 SMA to scan the trend strength of each time frame (daily, 4H, 1H, and 15min) on your watchlist, and showcases the data for you all at once.

You can quickly navigate to whichever chart you'd like by clicking the "+" button next to your preferred chart.


Using the signals tab, you can see a technical rating on your current chart, with analysis broken down.

The signals computation derives a technical score from -5 (strong sell) to +5 (strong buy), and produces a directional bias in the bottom right corner for you to see.

Please note this is not a guarantee of future market direction, but rather directional bias produced by technical analysis done by the tool.


Have a pair you want to keep an eye on? Add it to your watchlist! Apply any of your favorite charts available on your MT4, and the tool will begin scanning it for you.

Quickly switch between all of the charts on your watchlist by either clicking the "View Chart" buttons next to your desired market, or flipping through  your charts quickly with the navigational arrows at the top right of the dashboard. 


Tired of navigating to a lot size calculator outside of your MT4 and punching trade detail numbers in to find out the proper lot size you should use? Look no further! A1 Trading Dashboard to the rescue.

The dashboard allows you to enter a risk % and stop loss distance, and computes the rest for you. From there, you can have the dashboard calculate and enter the position for you with a few clicks!
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