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A1 Trading Robot: Simple Grid Trading System!

The A1 Trading Robot is a grid trading software tool designed for MT4. It is specifically designed for traders looking to trade with a grid trading strategy.

It monitors any chart you select, and will work with any broker allowing the use of expert advisors.

This tool allows a wide range of customization to the user, including things like risk tolerance, initial lot size, max drawdown stopouts, profit target, grid direction, and much more.

Our robot utilizes a grid trading strategy, meaning it employs cost averaging at a rate definable by the user! For example: a simple grid could add a small additional position every 10, 20, 50, etc pips, with a steady or variable lot size. 

Our software is a one time purchase, meaning you won't need to pay any monthly fees to continue using the software on as many devices as you'd like.
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