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About Nick Syiek

With a background in computer science and a passion for financial markets, Nick Syiek began creating trading videos on YouTube in 2018. Documenting his ups and downs as a trader on his channel, Nick quickly built a community of people focused around realistic trading. 

In 2019, Nick started his software and market news company, A1 Trading. Located in Atlanta Georgia, A1 Trading creates market scanners, data visualization tools, and MT4 indicators for traders. Additionally, A1 Trading helps traders be better informed with daily market news through their articles and daily videos. 

Nick has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, Disrupt Magazine, and Influencive

Nick started trading when he was around 18 years old and just out of high school. Like all traders, he had his ups and downs, but eventually found his stride trading currencies and stocks. His primary trading approach involves trend following, and a mix of fundamental and technical analysis.

In 2020, Nick began documented his journey of taking a trading account from a $50,000 investment to $130,000, in a few years. Nick admits however that this was due to a very unique market environment, following the covid-19 recovery. 

Nick has shared his track record publicly on myfxbook.com, showing his slow and steady approach to trading the markets. Nick shares his learned lessons for free on his YouTube channel to this day.

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