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A1 Trading Company is a financial media & services business founded in Atlanta, USA by Nicholas Syiek. A1 Trading Company currently manages one of the fastest growing online trading communities, offers a collection of trading software tools, and publishes extensive financial market coverage in article and video form.
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Our mission is to provide traders with insightful financial coverage, and spread our belief in conservative investing. We believe with proper strategic planning and practice, financial markets can be a fantastic way to build wealth over time.


On our free website and YouTube channels, you will find hours of live trading, market coverage, articles, educational material, and behind the scenes vlogs. Our team of content creators is always creating new material for our audience.


Inside our online community hosted on discord, members have access to our live chat rooms, trade ideas published by our team of analysts, and access to a collection of trading plans, strategy concepts, and research.


Our software developers have created a collection of proprietary trading tools used by our analysts to scan the market for potential opportunities. We have made these publicly available, for traders looking to use software to aid in their trading. These include a variety of scanners, trend detectors, automatic trading systems, and more.

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A1 Trading Company

A1 Trading Company is a financial services and media business founded in Atlanta, USA.
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