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About Us

A1 Trading is a financial media & services business founded January 2019 in Atlanta, USA. We are passionate about helping forex traders find success through the proper education, discipline, and consistency. Our team of forex analysts, content creators, and marketers work together to create and deliver the very best forex education and market coverage. This primarily free content can be found throughout our website and on our various social media platforms.

We also offer an online community for forex traders to get an exclusive look at our trades and strategies. Traders looking for bots and scanners can download our MetaTrader 4 (MT4) software by purchasing these separately or joining the community as a gold member.


On our website and social medias, you'll find hours of financial market coverage, research, tools, and entertainment.

Thanks to our brand partnerships and sponsorships, we are able to put out a ton of content for free for our audience. Read up on our latest articles HERE


Looking to meet fellow traders? 

Inside of our premium trading communities, you'll find ideas being shared by our top traders, active chatrooms, webinars, and training material.

Find out more about our stock and FX communities HERE


Our software developers have created a collection of proprietary trading tools built to scan the market for potential opportunities. 

We have made these publicly available for traders looking to use software to aid in their trading. Our software library includes a variety of scanners, trend detectors, automatic trading systems, and more.

Find out more about our software tools HERE

Meet the Team


Founder/Chief Executive Officer


Marketing Manager


Sales & Marketing Representative


Video Editor


Financial News Analyst
Our mission is to provide traders with insightful financial coverage, and spread our belief in conservative trading and investing. We believe with proper strategic planning and practice, financial markets can be a fantastic way to build wealth over time.
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