Trade Ideas for CAD Pairs This Week

Earlier this morning, CAD pairs moved hard on GDP news; CAD/JPY is up over 60 pips already today while USD/CAD tumbled when actual GDP growth/decline beat expectations by 1%. Here are our thoughts on these trending pairs this week: Short Idea Here is CJ on the 1D chart. The pair respected resistance back in earlyContinue reading “Trade Ideas for CAD Pairs This Week”

New Additions to the A1 Website

For the past couple weeks, our team has been working to make the A1 website a go-to platform for traders to get access to information on forex markets and indices. We want our website to be like another finviz or TradingView for members to see our trade ideas, real-time market conditions and important updates. Here’sContinue reading “New Additions to the A1 Website”

Trade Ideas for the British Pound

Today, we’re taking a look at GBP/USD and sharing our analysis on the pair as well as trade ideas. Trade ideas Here we got GU on the daily chart. Using the fib, you can see that prices respected that 78% and 61.8% level on the chart. Analysts said that the break in the 1.2504 levelContinue reading “Trade Ideas for the British Pound”

Will the Stock Market Crash in July?

What we’ve witnessed for the past few months is that the market, as well as currencies can sell off like crazy quicker than they can recover. What drives prices is not only fundamentals and technicals, but it’s surprise. Surprise has caused a global panic, economic shutdowns and crashing markets. We saw a crash that wasContinue reading “Will the Stock Market Crash in July?”

What the VIX Tells Us and How to Trade It

The CBOE Volatility Index, otherwise known as the VIX, is a volatility indicator that measures the expected volatility in the next 30 days. It’s often called the ‘fear index’ by investors as it shows whether it’s time to buy or sell stocks. Before I get more into it, let me just say that trading anContinue reading “What the VIX Tells Us and How to Trade It”

Trade Ideas on XAU/USD

Gold hit new yearly highs in the past few days touching around $1,778 as hedge fund managers increase their stakes on the precious metal. As the US government began quantitative easing to artificially prop the market up back in March, the dollar lost some of its value. Quantitative easing sounds very sophisticated, but it’s reallyContinue reading “Trade Ideas on XAU/USD”

Bollinger Band Strategy Study (Part 1)

Last week, I proposed an idea to Nick about a strategy that trades the US30, a highly leveraged index that can generate immense gains as well as immense losses. In a time of high volatility, it’s hard to keep your trades in something that moves heavily on an already highly leveraged chart. If you haveContinue reading “Bollinger Band Strategy Study (Part 1)”

HYCM Broker Review

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Customer Service 4/5 Commissions & Fees 3/5 Platform, Tools, and Education 3/5 Customer Reviews & Regulations 4/5 Offering of Investment 4/5 HYCM, otherwise known as HY Markets has been in business since 1977, and is regarded as one of the most trusted brokers as time has shown. Regulated by several commissions, HYContinue reading “HYCM Broker Review”

USD Trade Ideas For Next Week

This week has been a great one for our analysts’s shorts on USD pairs. Trades took a little longer than expected as most of us were stuck in drawdown before we started seeing profits in GBP/USD and EUR/USD. We also looked at US30 and formed a short bias and some of us took some bigContinue reading “USD Trade Ideas For Next Week”