Weekly Trade Setups 8/3/2020

EUR Short bias USD Long bias GBP Short bias AUD Neutral bias CAD Short bias JPY Short bias NZD Short bias CHF Long bias US30 Short bias Metals Long bias EUR/USD Technicals show resistance on EU on the 1H chart. Prices became overbought over the passed couple of months and starting to come down. PriceContinue reading “Weekly Trade Setups 8/3/2020”

Catching Big Market Moves- Simple Forex Strategy

Every trader wants to catch on to market trends early so they can minimize their risk without having to make any additional entries and dealing with drawdown. The number one way of determining where to gauge entries has been through the study of breakouts. What is a breakout? A breakout is essentially a break inContinue reading “Catching Big Market Moves- Simple Forex Strategy”

FOMC Conference- What To Expect in the Market Today

This article will be updated throughout the day tracking any news on the FOMC press conference, tracking news, Powell’s statements, and results with investor sentiment. This meeting will impact US indices including US30, as well as major currency pairs like GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, etc.Featured Pic: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcnews.com%2Fbusiness%2Fmarkets%2Fwe-may-well-be-recession-says-fed-chairman-jerome-powell-n1169291&psig=AOvVaw1clhDC8PvVOe9UF4Htu9nJ&ust=1596123578700000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCNjHnOzl8uoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD 12:36 EST Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell is set toContinue reading “FOMC Conference- What To Expect in the Market Today”

Forex Pairs to Watch This Week

As certain fiat currencies weaken, troubles with oil demand, stimulus packages being discussed and gold rally halting, our team is looking at specific pairs that we think will be good to consider trading throughout the week. Here’s what we’re looking at: Bulls Bears AUD/USD – Analysts expect price to rise to 0.72 by the endContinue reading “Forex Pairs to Watch This Week”

What Could the HEALS Act Do to the Market?

Amid vaccine hopes and earnings, concerns lie ahead on the new stimulus bill called the HEALS Act. Markets sold off today as the announcement of the new bill is being discussed. The SPY at $322.56, down 0.19% at the time of writing this. Now questions remain on whether the bill will pass through or ifContinue reading “What Could the HEALS Act Do to the Market?”

Edi’s View on COVID Stimulus, R-Rate and Recoveries

Overview Edi is one of our analysts on the team and shared his thoughts on global market recovery, the impacts of our current pandemic and the proper stimulus measures to take. Edi’s Thoughts So we’re in a bit of an economic downturn. But what can we expect from this global recession? I mean, we areContinue reading “Edi’s View on COVID Stimulus, R-Rate and Recoveries”

RSI Strategy Guide

Guide Pros and ConsOverviewImmediate Concerns and DisclaimerOverbought vs OversoldEntries and ExitsRisk Management and Adjusting TradesConclusion Pros & Cons Pros Cons – Some time periods are highly effective – Certain Periods do not work well on other time frames – Catch long term swings – Can tie up positions for longer term – Easy to findContinue reading “RSI Strategy Guide”

Is Gold Still a Buy?/Tech Stocks Moving US Markets

Thoughts on Gold Gold prices reached over $1,900 today as futures shot up in earlier this morning. This metal seems to gain more and more momentum as news between US and China becomes worse. Uncertain markets and uncertain currencies give gold more of an appeal to it. Although gold has been overbought on the 14-DayContinue reading “Is Gold Still a Buy?/Tech Stocks Moving US Markets”

No Better Time to be a Gold VIP Member

Gold members in our community are getting some serious upgrades with their membership. We are trying to provide gold member with the best package money can buy with more trading tools and scanners. What’s in the Gold VIP Membership? Being a Gold member means that you will have unlimited lifetime access to our community, whichContinue reading “No Better Time to be a Gold VIP Member”

New Indicator Package- XMR Arrows

Where to purchase your own scanner: https://a1trading.com/xmr-indicator/ Remember the XMR Indicator scanner? This uses the same RSI strategy except with a different look, and is incorporated in the package deal with the XMR Indicator. We thought it would be a good idea to provide another option for traders depending on what scanner they like better.Continue reading “New Indicator Package- XMR Arrows”