Our team has unfortunately received many reports of scammers using our content and pretending to be us. While we will continue to report these accounts to the authorities as we receive reports, we may not always catch them in time. Below our a list of things to look out for before making a purchase to any platform.

We do not direct message our customers!

We DO NOT direct message our customers on social media! While we will respond to messages we receive on our accounts, we DO NOT message followers first.  If you receive a message from an account that you have not previously messaged, this may be a sign of a scammer. 
How can I get in contact with a legitimate support member on the A1 Trading team?If you would like to get in contact with a member on our team and ensure that you are speaking with our team and not a scammer, submit a question on our website. The questions submitted on our website go into a database that only our team members can access. One of our team members will be reaching out to you within 72 hours after submitting a question. Contact our Support Team Here

We will not ask you to send us money

A1 Trading does sell an online VIP community, however, we DO NOT ask you to send us money directly via direct message on social media platforms. Any payments for our VIP community are made on our website (a1trading.com).

Scammers also tend to be more pushy for a sale. A scammer may ask you multiple times to send them money or say they cannot help you until you send them money. We are not this desperate and quite honestly, we do not have the time to beg for a sale. If something feels off, go with your gut.

It's too good to be true

This goes for pretty much everything in life, If it's too good to be true, IT IS. Unfortunately, nothing in life is going to make you large amounts of money instantly. If it did, everyone else would already be doing it! Any successful person will tell you it took hard work and dedication to get where they are today. They won't tell you someone direct messaged them on social media and sold them a membership that made them thousands instantly. Use your gut! If someone is promising large amounts of money if you pay them, there is something wrong.

Telegram Scammers

There are multiple telegram channels using our images that are particularly hard to get removed . If you see any messages that look similar to the one below this is a huge red flag. We DO NOT offer investment plans or account management. We will NEVER ask you to send us money with a guarantee that we will make huge returns. If anyone guarantees huge profits if you give them money avoid them. Although it sounds nice, no one can guarantee anything in the markets no matter how knowledgable they are.

Check their profile

There are a few things that you can look out for in a profile that is a red flag and is most likely a fake account. 

First, check the date of their posts. Scammers, unfortunately, are creating thousands of these accounts. If the posts were all created on the same day, this is a red flag! Scammers often post lots of posts to fill up their profile to make them seem more legitimate. 

Second, read the captions. Because these scammers are busy direct messaging people and creating lots of accounts, they usually do not put much time into their profile. Usually, their posts will have no captions, very short captions or captions with some emojis. Real accounts are more genuine and captions are more personal and thought out. 

Third, look at their stories. Real accounts usually post live videos on their stories. Scammers post screenshots of other stories or videos that do not show them or their voice. When deciding if an account is a real, look in their stories for videos of them or their voice. 

Below are screenshots of a fake account with examples of the red flags: 

Before you send anyone money, ask yourself this...

Unfortunately, there are scammers everywhere. They are scamming people in every business, not just ours. Here is a checklist of things to ask yourself before sending anyone money.

1. Is it too good to be true? Are they promising me way more than I am paying?

2. Are they being too pushy for a sale?

3. Is their profile legitimate? Do they share real videos and genuine posts?

4. Are they sharing a legitimate website to make a payment or am I sending money to their personal money transfer account?

5. Does something seem off?

If you feel that something seems off and want to ensure your money is going to a legitimate person, reach out to our support team on our website.Contact our Support Team Here

All accounts associated with A1 Trading

Below are accounts that are associated with A1 Trading. Any other account is not associated with us and is a fake account:

A1 Trading Forex Analysis: https://t.me/TraderNicksFXAnalysis
A1 Trading Gold Analysis: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFCSsGP2VxN6EAjEQw






Benzinga just released a full review of our VIP community. Here's a recap of the review:

Overall, Benzinga gave our VIP community 4/5 stars. The author shared "A1 really shines in their ability to bring like-minded traders together to discuss trade ideas and strategies. Their collaborative VIP Discord server includes access to video and PDF trading plan examples and educational materials for traders of all levels" Benzinga recommended our community for young investors seeking conservative investment strategies, beginner forex traders seeking trade and stock portfolio insights, or traders looking for ideas. Read the full review down below.

Why Free Donuts?

2020 has been a tough year. Through all of the craziness happening in the world right now, we wanted to do something that could not only spread joy in our community but could also encourage our subscribers to do the same in their's. What's better than receiving a free box a donuts? Check out the video below!

The A1 Trading Team is excited to introduce two new Analysts to our VIP team! You can follow along with their signals and analysis in our VIP Community.


Frank’s love for markets led to his role as an analyst for the A1 Trading team. Frank brings market insights, writes articles, shares research, and makes the occasional appearance on video. You can check out Frank's trades in "Franks-swing-trades" and "Franks-stocks-trading" channels.


Edi is an FTMO funded trader, has experience in multiple markets, works professionally in finance, and is a big supporter of A1 Trading, so he decided to join our team. You can read more about his trading style in his introduction in the "edis-swing-trades" channel.

This week inside of the group, Frank and some of our members caught crazy action on a Nikola Motors trade. Our analyst, Frank, got in around $37 and sold it around $87. Frank wrote up an article about this company that you can view here.

In his article, Frank writes about this zero-emissions transportation corporation whose stock has grown over 500% since February.

Interested in following along with our analysts' trades?

Join our VIP membership and get access to all of our analysts' trades and analysis.

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