AxiTrader Trading Credit

Trade with AxiTrader and get up to $500 Added to your Trading Account!

AxiTrader has partnered with the A1 Trading VIP Community, to potentially help traders earn back their membership costs in the form of trading credits! Members of our online community are eligible to earn back the value of their membership fee using our partnered link, depending on your nationality.

  • Potential Deposit Bonus if you use the referral link below! (For certain countries only)
  • Low trading fees
  • Fast & Easy Withdrawal
  • Regulated Broker
  • MT4 Access

Please note, AxiTrader cannot accept US clients.

Here’s How:

Example: If you bought the yearly VIP package, you could get up to +$160.00 credited to your trading account!

Step 1: Sign up using our partnered link

Step 2: Deposit $500 or more

In order to qualify for AxiTraders membership aid offer, you’ll have to deposit a total of $500 or more to your trading account.

Step 3: Send an email, and receive credit!

Once you’ve created an account with AxiTrader, our partnered representative will work with you to see if you are eligible for the trading credit, based on your country. Simply send him an email with the following info to see if you qualify:

Email Address:

Subject: A1 Trading Credit

Email Body: Attach a screenshot of your membership receipt with the A1 Trading VIP Community, and write the following:

“I am a member of the A1 Trading VIP Community, and would like to inquire about receiving trading credits for my signup.”