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“Our mission is to provide traders with insightful financial coverage, and spread our belief in conservative investing. We believe with proper strategic planning and practice, financial markets can be a fantastic way to build wealth over time.”

Our Services

We provide market coverage, online communities and top notch trading tools.

The Forex VIP Community
Our top seller is our Forex VIP community. In the community, we share our trades, educational content, webinars and host online chat rooms. For this community, you can join as a monthly, yearly or gold member. 

The Stock Market VIP Community
The Stock Market Community is a relatively new community. Inside this community we also share our trades, educational content and chat rooms. 

Software Tools
We currently have 7 software tools available for purchase on our website ranging from scanners to robots. See all software tools here:


Payroll Information

All employees at A1 Trading will be paid on a biweekly schedule. Each payday will always include pay for 10 work days. The hours you worked the week of payday will be added to the following pay period.

What is Biweekly?

Biweekly pay means you pay your employees on a set day once every two weeks, resulting in 26 paychecks per year. Because payday occurs once every two weeks, some months will have three paychecks. Biweekly can be helpful if most of your employees are hourly workers. Additionally, your employees will be happy to be paid more often (as opposed to monthly or semimonthly).

When do I submit my hours?
Employees will need to submit their hours each Friday before 4PM. 

What days are we paid on?
You will receive your payments every other Friday. To check the exact dates of the payments, view our calendar. 

Company Contacts

Nick Syiek- A1 Trading Founder
Phone: 770-378-9578
Email: nsyiek135@gmail.com

Julie Syiek- Marketing Manager
Phone: 678-580-9999
Email: julie@a1trading.com

Emily Pestle- Customer Relations/Support
Phone: 404-432-8879
Email: emily@a1trading.com

William Anderson- Editor
Phone: 404-710-3682
Email: williamanderson2510@gmail.com

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All company material and resources can be found on this page. 

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A1 Trading Company

A1 Trading Company is a financial services and media business founded in Atlanta, USA.
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