Coupon Codes, Descriptions, and Owners

By default, each of these are $5 off your purchase unless specified otherwise. 

TGVIP- A1 Trading Forex Analysis Telegram (A1 Trading)
GLVIP - A1 Trading Gold Analysis Telegram (A1 Trading
MVP - (50% off) SM VIP Sale from FX VIP (A1 Trading)
TNFX - TraderNick Instagram (Nick)
YTVIP - TraderNick YouTube videos (Nick)
YTLIVE - TraderNick YouTube livestreams (Nick)
TTVIP - TraderNick Twitter (Nick)
TNFB - TraderNick Facebook (Nick)
CS3VIP - Nick's Customer Service (Nick)
NEVIP - Forex & Indices Email Newsletter (Julie) 
REVIP - Existing Customer Newsletter (Julie)
TEAMFX - A1 Trading Team Instagram (Julie)
TTEAM - A1 Trading Team Twitter (Julie)
FVIP- A1 Trading Facebook Page (Julie)
CS1VIP - Customer Support (Julie)
M2GVIP - Monthly to Gold Upgrade (Julie)
Y2GVIP - Yearly to Gold Upgrade (Julie)
JOIN - YouTube Link Email Newsletter (Julie)
SAVE - Promotion Email Newsletter (Julie)
VIP17 - Forex analysis Email Newsletter (Julie)
FXVIP - (50% off) SM VIP Sale from FX VIP (Julie)
RENEW - VIP Recap Email Newsletter (Julie)
STOCK - Stock Market Analysis Email Newsletter (Julie)
JOIN1 - Mailchimp Social Media Ad (Julie)
THANKS ($10 off) - Mailchimp Active Member (Julie)
JPROMO ($5 off) - SM Newsletter (Julie)
WEB ($5 off) - Webinar Promo Newsletter (Julie)
TEAMSM ($5 off) - A1 Trading Instagram Stock Market Sales (Julie)
TRADE1 - ($10 off) Telegram Customer Support (Emily)
TRADE2 - ($10 off) Discord ustomer Support (Emily)
TRADE3 - ($10 off) Email Customer Support (Emily)
TRADE4 - ($10 off) Social Media Customer Support (Emily)
M2GUP - Monthly to Gold VIP Upgrade (Emily)
Y2GUP- Yearly to Gold VIP Upgrade (Emily)
M2YUP- Yearly to Gold VIP Upgrade (Emily)
ESTOCK - Stock Market Customer Support (Emily)
EFXVIP (50% off) - SM VIP Sale from FX VIP (Emily)
EMADVERTISING - Promotions/Advertising Sales (Emily)
MEMFX - TraderFails Meme Page IG (Will)
ABVIP - Bart's Website Articles (Bart)
BART - Bart's Social Media (Bart)

A1 Trading Company

A1 Trading Company is a financial services and media business founded in Atlanta, USA.
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