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Bitcoin About To Catch Big Upside

Bitcoin has been vastly oversold due to the fact of regulation concerns from the US government wanting to make a more controlled market just like stocks. For over 2 months, the crypto has fallen nearly 42% from the highs in November, but it looks like it has found a bottom in the $39Ks. Why Bitcoin […]

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Expect More Regulation In 2022

Big changes are expected to happen in the crypto world. Starting with legislation, cryptocurrency will put their foot in the door to try to regulate transactions and trading in the same way they do in the stock market. Read about our other crypto investment ideas here in the A1 Trading analysis tab on our website. […]

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Ways To Win Big Off The Upcoming Crypto Surge

12/21/2021 The past month or so has dampened a lot of the bullish sentiment that surrounded the market in the months before. This year has brought not only a new light to crypto, but also the businesses around it. Here are some big things happening in the crypto world that may be the golden ticket […]

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Is The Bitcoin/Crypto Rally About To Return?

12/14/2021 The month of November was very poor for bitcoin and the other altcoins as bitcoin's market cap fell by over 30%. Now that we are in the middle of December, indicators suggest that it could be time for yet another crypto rally cycle. Our outlook It appears that every month switches sentiment in this […]

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Bitcoin Back For More- What You Should Know

11/9/2021 Two weeks ago, COT data showed a flattening in long contracts bought by institutions which then spiked last Friday when big money bought the most amount of long contracts in over a year. Meanwhile, short position contracts declines slightly last Friday. Our outlook What I feared last week was big money moving out of […]

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Big Red Flag Could Throw Crypto In A Frenzy

11/5/2021 Despite Bitcoin and the altcoin's market surge, institutional behavior has been building up heavy short positions in the market. The past couple weeks, we have seen very little buy activity from big money while the short contracts are piling up. Bitcoin is down 0.73% on the day at the time of writing this. The […]

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Headlines That Will Make You Want To Invest In Crypto Right Now

A string of articles have come out recently that will make you consider crypto and the potential around the emerging industry. Here are a few article headlines that I will summarize and explain why this is really important to the market as a whole. Tesla May Restart Crypto Transactions Again Several months ago, Tesla decided […]

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Why Investors May Want To Hold On To Their BTC

10/22/2021 Although bitcoin is pulling back from its all-time highs above $66K, there is sill an argument for the coin's potential that could help the bulls in the not-so-long-term. BTCUSD is down 1.89% on the day today after a 50% rise in price for the month of October. Our outlook The argument for bitcoin is […]

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Bitcoin To All-Time Highs Again- Do This Now

10/19/2021 Another great week for this value coin is taking price closer and closer to ATH around $65,000, as investors eye the last psychological level of resistance in the way. A new crypto fund debuted on the NYSE this morning which was the first traded fund on this exchange marking this event as a big […]

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Bitcoin About To Make A Big Move

10/5/2021 The entire crypto market is up overall going into the New York Session, and Bitcoin is currently above the $50K psychological level at the time of writing this. Price has not seen this level for about a month since bitcoin was crushed by China's continued pressure on the market. Our outlook Just like any […]

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