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Trade Ideas for CADJPY, GOLD, BTC (4/7/2021)

CJ Hits Support, Gold Breaks Resistance, Bitcoin to $400K?4/7/2021 CAD/JPY Analysis CJ comes back to key trend line on the daily chart for support. Price has historically bounced off this line for the last couple months, but if price were to break under, there is additional support in the low 86.000s. CAD employment numbers are […]

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CAD Employment Report: What to Know!

Look out traders! On Friday the 9th of April, Canada will be printing their jobs report and here's what to expect... Quick Summary of February Report: Canada added 259.2k jobs in February vs 98.5k consensus Unemployment rate fell from 9.4% to 8.2% vs 9.2% forecast The February report turned out much better than expected, as […]

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Trade Setups for EUR/USD, XAU/USD, BTC/USD

Bitcion Gets More Institutional Interest, Gold Rises, EU Hits Resistance4/2/2021 EUR/USD Analysis EU hits some more resistance on the daily chart after breaking under. This pairs downtrend seems to be more concrete now that the USD is becoming more and more favored over the euro. As expected unemployment rate numbers came out for the US […]

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Trade Setups for NZD/JPY, Gold, and SPX500

Gold Bounces Back, NJ Hits Resistance3/31/2021 NZD/JPY Analysis NJ runs into some resistance after a strong bounce from a key support zone. Price may consolidate here on the 4H chart as the mid 77.000s and 200 SMA push against the momentum. The USD and NZD is heavily favored against the yen right now as risk-on […]

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Deep Dive Into AUD/USD: Break Of Long-Term Structure?

Looking at the overall trend in this market, price has been steadily increasing and forming an ascending channel, creating higher high's (hh) and higher low's (hl). Looking at recent market moves, we can see price consolidating between 0.78 and 0.757 since the start of 2021. We can also see price has formed the head & […]

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Trade Ideas for NZD/JPY, XAU/USD, and SPX500

JPY Pairs Making Big Moves, Gold Stagnant3/29/2021 NZD/JPY Analysis After taking a dip on the daily chart, NJ bounced perfectly off support in the mid 75.000s and is pushing 77.000. The strong uptrend since November 2020 reflects the increasingly high number of short positions big money is placing on the yen. Gold Analysis Gold on the […]

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Weekly Forex Forecast for AUDUSD, GBPNZD, GBPUSD, XAUUSD (29-02 April 2021)

Hey everyone! Welcome to this week's forex forecast for the week ending April 2nd, 2021. I'm TraderBart with A1 Trading, and this week I'll be looking at AUDUSD, GBPNZD, GBPUSD & XAUUSD. AUDUSD In the past week, we saw price push lower towards the EQL at 1.757, and this setup is looking like it's forming […]

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Trade Ideas for EUR/USD, XAU/USD, and SPX500

EU in Potential Downtrend, Gold and USD Rise Together3/24/2021 EUR/USD Analysis Europe begins further lockdown measures as it continues to struggle with COVID, sending the price of EU down to its 200 day moving average. French and German PMI data both came out better than expected, however, it might not be enough to turn price back […]

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Deep Dive Into GBP/AUD: Break or Range?

Looking at the overall trend on GBPAUD, since the heavy drop from 5-Year highs in March 2020, price has been consolidating between 1.74 and 1.85. We can see price moving back and forth between these levels and price not making any significant moves or breaks. That being said, it is still a 1100 pip range, […]

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Trade Ideas Today: AUD/CAD, Gold, SPX500

AC, Stocks, Gold Rebound After Falling Yields3/22/2021 AUD/CAD Analysis AC this week makes a significant bounce back up to resistance on the 4H chart and breaking a big falling trendline. Unemployment numbers last week were better than expected as big money started moving into this pair. Gold Analysis Gold on the 4H chart showing a […]

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