The Story of the EdgeFinder

How a long term vision turned into a tool for thousands of traders!
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The Original Idea...

Frank Cabibi (Left) and Nick Syiek (Right)

The Original Idea

The initial idea of the EdgeFinder came from a long term vision of A1 trading analysts Frank Cabibi and Nick Syiek. Having grown up together, Nick and Frank shared many common interests including music, stocks, and eventually forex. For years, they daydreamed about how cool it would be to have trading tools to simplify their trading and allow them to trade at an institutional level. In early 2022, the dream started to become a reality when the early development of the EdgeFinder began.

“It started out as automating concepts we incorporate into our trading.”

The Development

As the development of the tool began, it was still unknown to Nick and Frank if they would to make it publicly available. It wasn't until they finished the first version of they tool that they decided to share the idea and see if it was a tool traders would be interested in.

Within the first day of announcing the new tool, they were able to see the potential this tool had to help thousands of traders. 
The EdgeFinder 1.0
Released: April 2022

The EdgeFinder Today

“There’s this big gap between what institutional, professional grade, and hedge fund traders have in terms of tools and resources and what retail traders have.’’
Following its release, the EdgeFinder quickly became A1 Trading's #1 software tool. The success of the tool has allowed A1 Trading Company to bring on more team members to help further develop the tool, teach users how to utilize it in their trading, and market new feature roll outs. In less than a year, our team has developed the Smart Money Tracker, the Watchlist, the Fed Tracker, the Market Heatmap and many other new features! 

"We have thousands of people who use the EdgeFinder and it's helping them. Knowing that is really cool!"

"Advanced my trading tenfold almost"


EdgeFinder User
"Best Trading Software Ever"

Tre' Hill

EdgeFinder User
"Get the Edgefinder"

Marco Maret

EdgeFinder User

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How it Started

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