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Top Setups

How does the top setups page work? 
Using powerful data such as COT, retail sentiment, and seasonality, the EdgeFinder's top setups page will automatically build a list of the top buys and top sells.

How we use this to trade:
Find strong setups with the click of a button! With the top buys and sells listed on one page we can quickly identify setups worth looking into!

Smart Money Tracker

How does the smart money tracker work?
With the Smart Money tracker, you can see where the biggest money flows are entering and exiting through COT data. This page will automatically generate the top bought and top sold positions by institutions.

How we use this to trade:
We follow the banks’ institutional trades for more long term positioning. View our full institutional position tracking strategy.

Video tour

Smart Money Tracker

Central Bank Forecast

How does the Central Bank Forecast work?
The central bank forecast uses future interest rates and inflation to gauge a central bank's hawkishness or dovishness.
How we use this to trade: 
We use the Central Bank Forecasts to find the most hawkish and dovish pairs to trade. View our hawkish-dovish trading strategy using the central bank forecast page. 

Bank Signals

How do the Bank Signals work?
See what large scale institutions are forecasting on your favorite assets! With the EdgeFinder's bank projections tab, users can generate graphs to show relevant forecasts on their favorite assets posted by each firm's research teams! Additionally, the bank signals page will display the overall bank sentiment, whether it be bullish, bearish, or neutral.

How we use this to trade: 
Bank forecasts can add confluence to our trading ideas! We use this information to form a stronger bias on the assets we are looking to trade.

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Bank Signals

Price Forecasts

How does the price forecast work?
The price forecast feature displays short term projections for each asset, based on the trend reading metric, and standard deviation. 

How we use this to trade:
Swing traders will be able to get an idea of how to trade a pair, commodity or index by simply looking at this chart.

Video tour: 

Price Forecasts

Individual Asset Breakdowns

Take a deeper dive into each asset individually to understand its strength or weakness. On an asset's score breakdown page you can view the currencies' COT data, retail sentiment, seasonality, trend reading, GDP growth, inflation, unemployment, and interest rates all in one place.


How does the seasonality tracker work?
The Seasonality Tracker averages the last 5 and 10 years of price performance and plots these averages on a bar chart. 

How we use this to trade:
Understanding how an asset has performed historically in each month of the year will give you an idea of how it may perform in the future. Click here to read our seasonality strategy.

Risk on / Risk off Gauge

How does the Risk on/Risk off gauge work?
The risk meter combines the price action of various risk-on/off assets and measures risk sentiment of the overall market. The score goes from -6 (strong risk-off reading) to +6 (strong risk-on reading).

How we use this to trade:
This metric is good for indicating which assets are going to be bullish or bearish. For example, if the risk meter is at -4, it suggests that USD, CHF and JPY could be bullish. If the risk meter is at +4, it suggests that AUD, CAD, NZD, GBP, EUR, XAUUSD, SPX500, could be bullish.

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Risk on/Risk off Gauge

Carry Trade Scanner

How does the Carry Trader Scanner work? 
The table shows several different currency pairs. In order to calculate the swap rate, it takes the base currency rate minus the quote currency rate to get the interest rate divergence. The positive carry direction is telling you which direction you would have to trade in order to collect a positive swap. For instance if the base minus quote is positive, you would need to buy in order to get paid interest. If the difference between base and quote is negative, you would need to short in order to get paid interest.

How we use this to trade:
This metric is good for finding which pairs will pay positive swap rates. If you’re looking to take a carry trade, this table will show you which pairs to long or short in order to collect a swap. So why would traders want to see this? Some traders may look to avoid paying swaps so they’ll make sure they don’t hold a pair through the swap. Others might just want to collect interest though the carry trade regardless of price action because of their tolerance to potential lower moves.

Historical Backtest

How does the Historical Backtest work?
The Historical Backtest Scanner plots an asset’s price performance with the EdgeFinder’s score. You can see the score of the EdgeFinder change each day while price changes.

How we use this to trade:
This tool plots the market open and close price on top of the asset’s score. This is helpful for traders to see how an asset would have performed relative to its score every day. It is helpful in spotting changes in momentum, a continuation of trends, and signs of a weakening or strengthening market.

Video tour

historical backtest

Economic News

How does the Economic News Page work?
The economic news page lists upcoming news events that may affect the markets. Users can filter the news events by currency, time until the event, and the impact

How we use this to trade:
News events can have a major impact in how the markets move. We use this information to decide how to manage our trades to avoid any major swings that may negatively affect our trades.

Retail Sentiment

How does retail sentiment work?
The retail sentiment metric displays data based on the positioning of retail traders. 

How we use this to trade:
For us, this is a contrarian signal producer.
If retail traders are 60% long (or more), then this is a bearish signal. If retail traders are 40% long (or less), then this is a bullish signal.

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How to use Retail Sentiment

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