Data backed Price forecasts

The A1 EdgeFinder's data backed price forecasts.
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Price Forecasts Features:

*Available ONLY with EdgeFinder Pro!

Trends projected 7 days out

The price forecast captures the overall trend and projects it 7 days into the future.

advanced trend projections

That projected trend line is also surrounded by a higher and lower deviation to encompass the expected area and direction of future price movement.

Forecasts based off price action

Users can now see where an asset will likely move according to past price action.
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Ideal tool for swing traders

Swing traders will be able to get an idea of how to trade a pair, commodity or index by simply looking at this chart.

Select from 39 assets

Your favorite markets displayed with our data backed price forecasts. Choose to view price projections for 39 markets including indices, commodities, major and minor currency pairs.

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