Trade With Smart Money, Not against them

See where big money is flowing with the A1 EdgeFinder's Smart Money Tracker! 

Smart Money Tracker Features:

*Available Only with EdgeFinder Pro

See Where The Big Money Is Flowing

See where the biggest money flows are entering and exiting through COT data.

Updated Weekly

The EdgeFinder's Smart Money Tracker updates weekly, allowing traders to view the latest COT data movements.

Top Long & short cOT assets

See the top assets institutional traders are buying or selling the most!
Get the Edgefinder

See if hedge funds are buying or selling your favorite chart!

Assets are divided into only four categories, so you will be able to see the overall market sentiment on risk-on, risk-off, metals and oil. Seeing an increase in institutional buyers for risk-off currencies may help you to look for risk averse setups, as well as keep you from taking a position that is not in your favor.

Market Scanning On An Institutional Level

View the top positions on the long or short side as well as a visual of how the positions are distributed in the tree map.

Learn More About the EdgeFinder

NEW UPDATE: How To Track Hedge Funds & Smart Money with the EdgeFinder!
How To use the Smart Money Tracker and Retail Sentiment
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