A1 Trading Company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A1 Trading FAQs

What does A1 Trading do?

A1 Trading is a media and software company that creates market scanners, data visualization tools, and MT4 indicators for forex and stock traders. We are passionate about helping forex traders find success through the proper education, discipline, and consistency.

Our team livestreams market coverage on YouTube every weekday as well as designs and develops software tools & online communities.

What does A1 Trading sell?

A1 Trading sells trading software tools (market scanners, robots, & indicators) as well as an online discord community.

Does A1 Trading have a Telegram?

Yes, A1 Trading has a free telegram channel. You can join our telegram channel here

Does A1 Trading have a Discord?

Yes, A1 Trading has both a free and VIP discord channel. You can join the discord here

Is A1 Trading legit?

Yes, A1 Trading is a reliable company for traders. Please be aware of impersonators who are not legit. You can chat with us directly on our website A1trading.com to verify that you are speaking to a real member of our team.

How can I tell if I am talking to a real member of your team?

Please be aware of impersonators on social media platforms. We do not offer investment plans and will never ask for you to pay for something that is not publicly available on our website a1trading.com. You can chat with us directly on our website to verify an account or view all real accounts here

A1 Trading Community FAQs

How can I see TraderNick's trade signals?

TraderNick shares all of his trades in the A1 Trading Community. Become a VIP member to receive notifications every time Nick takes a trade. 

How much does the A1 Trading Community cost?

A1 Trading offers 3 different membership options. You can view our different memberships and their prices here

Is there a free trial of the A1 Trading commmunity?

Unfortunately, we do not offer free trials of the VIP discord community. If you would like to try out the community we recommend starting with a 1 month membership.

Is there a lifetime membership available?

Our Gold VIP membership is a one time payment. With this membership, you will have lifetime access to the community.

A1 EdgeFinder FAQs

How much does the A1 EdgeFinder cost?

The A1 EdgeFinder starts at $899. You can view our pricing plans here

Is the A1 EdgeFinder a one time payment?

Yes, the A1 EdgeFinder is a one time payment. 

Do I need to download the EdgeFinder?

No, the EdgeFinder is available online and is not downloadable.

Are there tutorials on how to use the EdgeFinder?

Yes, we have tutorials for the EdgeFinder on our website here.
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