Gold Software FAQs

Q: Where can I get access to the Software?

Q: I’m trying to drag software onto the screen but it is giving me an error message/not doing anything.

A: Please double check to make sure you have put the software in the right folder. Clarification on this can be found in the installation guide.

Q: What trading platform does your software work on?

A: Metatrader 4

Q: Will my broker work for the software tools?

A: You will need to check with your broker to ensure they allow trading software on their MT4 platform. Most brokers do offer access to MT4 software tools.

Q: How much money do I need to trade with an expert advisor?

A: This is ultimately up to the operator, as all trading involves risk of loss. Generally speaking, our opinion is that the more amount in an account, and the smaller the position sizes, the less risk of loss there is with trading of any kind. Our analysts use no less than 1000 USD in any of their robotic trading accounts.

Q: What lot size should I use?

A: Here are some videos to help with this!

Q: Whats the best leverage for me to use?

A: Here is a video to answer this question!

Q: Does my computer / MT4 need to be running for trading software to execute?

A: Yes. MT4 must remain active on a computer that does not turn off or go into sleep mode in order to function properly. The alternative is to pay for a VPS service, which offers a 24-7 active computer for you to run virtually.

Q: How do I install the software on a Mac?


Q: I need help installing the software

A: This website should help to explain the installation:

Q: How many computers can I use with the software?

A: Once you purchase our software you will have unlimited access. You can use the software on unlimited laptops/desktops