A1 Trading Company

Joining the Server

Step 1: Make a payment 

If you have not already made a payment, please make your payment on our website here: https://a1trading.com/vip-wb/

Step 2: Locate your join code 

After making your payment, you should receive an email that contains a join code. This is your unique code you will use to get access to the server. 

Step 3: Enter the join code

In order to get access, the code must be entered correctly. You will enter the join code into the chat box underneath the welcome message. 

Enter the code: 
!join + space + your unique code

Here is an example of a correctly entered code.

After you have entered the code correctly, your page should look like this: 

What next?

Not sure where to start? Check out our channel labeled "getting-started" where we break down how the channels work. 
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