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Market Heatmap

The Market Heatmap page shows you a quick summary on the day of what is up and what is down. Hop over to this page at any time to see what markets are performing the best or the weakest on the day.

Risk on/ Risk off Gauge

This metric is good for indicating which assets are going to be bullish or bearish. For example, if the risk meter is at -4, it suggests that USD, CHF and JPY could be bullish. If the risk meter is at +4, it suggests that AUD, CAD, NZD, GBP, EUR, XAUUSD, SPX500, could be bullish.

Carry Trade Scanner

Want to collect swaps on the daily? The Carry Trade Scanner is a helpful tool to show you which pairs are the best ones to hold on to for positive swaps.

Economic Calendar

Pay attention to upcoming news events with the EdgeFinder's economic news page.

Retail Sentiment

The forex retail sentiment data allows us to get an idea for what market sentiment in major currency pairs is among a predominantly retail crowd.

What is Retail Sentiment?

Retail sentiment is a measurement of long and short positions in a certain market by the retail crowd. A retail investor is any kind of investor that is not an institution, insider or entity other than an individual. Oftentimes, retail sentiment is inversely correlated to what big money is doing. If retail positions are majority long a certain asset, this indicates a bearish signal, because it usually means that institutions are majority short. The same concept applies for when retail is majority short; institutions are likely long sending a bullish signal.

How To use the Smart Money Tracker and Retail Sentiment

Forex Sentiment: Here’s How to View & Trade Against Retail Traders like a PRO!

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Take a deeper dive into 39 different assets individually to understand its strength or weakness based on fundamental data.
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March 27, 2023
Smart Money Likes USD and Gold

As of 9:10 am EST, the 10-Year bond rate is up ~3.50% while the dollar index remains flat. Some big news coming up in the next 24 hours for the USD, EUR and AUD. US consumer confidence is expected to fall from the last reading. We received a strange signal from the EdgeFinder that could […]

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March 23, 2023
Why Gold Is Going Over $2000

This week, we have seen a lot of market swings in sentiment along with uncertainty around economic stability. Because of this mixed mindset, investors have been shifting their interest towards gold. This article will cover why gold could continue to move higher. Medium to high impact news is coming up for all currencies such as […]

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March 20, 2023
Major Moves Ahead For USD

There are some major news ahead for the EUR, CAD, AUD and USD pairs this week. Wednesday will be another Fed rate decision forecasted to be another 25 bp. Here are some events set to come out tomorrow: EdgeFinder Analysis UC is still the EdgeFinder's favorite buy score along with USDZAR at +7. Retail is […]

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