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Davina L

"Great community with lots of content to help you on your trading journey. The team is really nice, knowledgeable and straight forward, they won't try to sell you something and promise you'll be rich with it. I'm still new to trading and have seen a big growth in my trading strategy since joining the community! Would highly recommend trying it out :)"

Marco Maret

"Get the A1 Edgefinder that WILL take your trading to the next level, it saves so much time and the employees are very competent and nice, great community, great team"

Justin Wilkinson

"The EdgeFinder product that they make is incredible. Using its Buy and Sell signals has helped improve my trading like nothing else. The team is knowledgeable, sincere, and do NOT promise to make you rich in a short amount of time. They are upfront and explain each one of their trades and exactly why they took them coupled with data from the EdgeFinder. You will not be disappointed if you have realistic expectations."
"Best investment into your trading career"

Tre' Hill

"From a fellow software engineer, I truly appreciate all the time and effort your team has put into making many trading tools and the Edge Finder. I think all the tools are great. Please keep up all the great work."


"Advanced my trading tenfold almost immediately. With the Edgefinder, you now already have a bias - all you need to determine now is the appropriate support or resistance where the price will probably bounce."

Justin Wilkinson

"I've never been in a trading community before and was amazed by A1 trading. The analyst posted trades and follow up trade management is nice, but the real gem to me is the community. The sense of being with a group of people all striving towards the same goals of success in trading is outstanding. The help and support of fellow traders goes a long way in learning. I highly recommend A1 trading."


TTF 2021

The TTF strategy (true-trend-following) focuses on buying strength, selling weakness, and letting winners run. Inevitably, this will lead to a large number of small losing trades, but larger, less frequent winning trades.
This is the main strategy Nick trades inside of the A1 Trading Forex Community, where he shares all of his trades and analysis.


This account is traded 90% automatically with the grandmaster forex robot by A1 Trading. 10% of the time is manual intervention, when settings may need to be adjusted due to market volatility, market conditions, etc.
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