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Third Party Reviews

The following sites have posted reviews about our products/services, as well as some customer feedback. Check them out for yourself below.
A1 Trading Reviews

Benzinga REVIEW

"A1 really shines in their ability to bring like-minded traders together to discuss trade ideas and strategies. Their collaborative VIP Discord server includes access to video and PDF trading plan examples and educational materials for traders of all levels."
A1 Trading Reviews

Forex Peace Army Reviews

"I've been a part of A1 for quite a while and I can say that I love every aspect of the community. Every member is kind and is read to help one and other in the chatrooms. The admins are just as good and don't shy away from joining in on conversations. It feels less of a "signal group" but more of a line community for you to grow a d become a successful trader [...]"
A1 Trading Reviews

Trust Pilot Reviews

"I'm quite a beginner with trading but i've tried different groups so far in order to improve myself by communicating with others and moreover with affirmed traders. A1 trading is the best environment I found: full of educational content, nice and professional people, continuous support, clarity about trading style improvement and future pecuniary expectations [...]"

TTF 2021

The TTF strategy (true-trend-following) focuses on buying strength, selling weakness, and letting winners run. Inevitably, this will lead to a large number of small losing trades, but larger, less frequent winning trades.
This is the main strategy Nick trades inside of the A1 Trading Forex Community, where he shares all of his trades and analysis.


This account is traded 90% automatically with the grandmaster forex robot by A1 Trading. 10% of the time is manual intervention, when settings may need to be adjusted due to market volatility, market conditions, etc.
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