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Please Beware of Fake Accounts

How to avoid Scammers & verify real accounts

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of fake accounts impersonating TraderNick, A1 Trading and other members of our team. Please be cautious before sending money to anyone private messaging you. Please note, all payments are made through our website www.a1trading.com
Verify Accounts

Red flags to watch out for:

"Investment Plans"

We do not offer investment plans. Never send money to someone who is trying to sell you something that is not listed on our website.

Payments made outside of our website

All payments can be made directly through our website www.a1trading.com

We will only offer crypto payments in rare cases. If someone offers crypto payments before offering payments through our website, be extremely cautious.

Guaranteed Profits

We will NEVER guarantee profits with any of our services. 

Account NOT listed below

All accounts that are valid A1 Trading accounts will be linked below. Please verify all accounts here.
Verify Accounts

Our ONLY Accounts

Fake accounts often have similar usernames that are slightly misspelled. Carefully read the username to check for fake accounts. 
*The only way to determine if a discord username is real is by looking at the last 4 digits behind the hashtag (#)

TraderNick's Accounts

Market Analyst/ Founder
Nick does not have telegram or whatsapp.

Julie's Accounts

Marketing Manager
Julie does not private message anywhere outside of discord.

Emily's Accounts

Customer Success Representative
Click button below to redirect to Emily's account page.
Emily's accounts

Drew's Accounts

Customer Success Representative
Click button below to redirect to Drew's account page.
Drew's Accounts

Halley's Accounts

Customer Success Representative
Click button below to redirect to Halley's account page.
Halley's accounts

Want to be 100% sure?


Send us a message here to verify the account you are speaking to. 

I Discovered a Million Dollar Crypto SCAM....

This scam tactic is used by thousands of scamming companies. Please take the time to watch this to avoid falling for this scam!

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