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Can The New Variant Cause Another Market Crash?

12/2/2021 US equities fell 5% from the highs after fears of a new coronavirus variant emerged and the first case was recorded in the US. SPX500 is up .10% on the day at the time of writing this. Our outlook The new omicron variant is definitely concerning most investors right now as the US will […]

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GBP/USD Deep Dive: Under Pressure?

Check out my previous G/U deep dive from early October here to see how we have progressed... Technical Outlook: Price has mainly been travelling in channels throughout the past year. As we saw the ascending channel formed post-Covid last year, price began retesting all previous key horizontal levels. Over the past couple of months, price has […]

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What We Could Expect To See From Gold Today

11/30/2021 Gold price rose 0.59% on the day at the time of writing this in light of the uncertainty surrounding the Fed's policy towards the new variant and tapering of asset purchases. Our outlook I think gold will likely see some green today as the virus concerns can cause a slow in growth since the […]

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Equities Could Be Set To Make Big Moves After Worst Trading Day In Months

11/29/2021 US equities rebounded this morning after a tremendous tumble last Friday from the fears of the omicron variant that has been putting pressure on global markets. SPX500 is currently up 1.27% at the time of writing this. Our outlook Major vaccine producers are already on the path to studying and working on a way […]

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GBP Vs NZD... The Better Pick

11/23/2021 The pair is up 0.11% on the day after touching a significant resistance level as investors doubt that lawmakers will give any insight on the potential rate hikes in the December. On the other hand, New Zealand will be hiking rates and investors have been pricing in what could be up to a 50 […]

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What Tapering Early Could Do To The Gold Bullion

11/22/2021 Recent comments about tightening monetary policy early caused gold to slip today by 1.61% at the time of writing this. Governor Christopher Wallace has called for this policy of early tapering which could be followed by a rate hike soon after. Our outlook Gold could be in trouble in the short term, but this […]

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Another Great Short Opportunity On This Pair

11/19/2021 AUDNZD could be setting up for yet another short opportunity after a weak rise from the lows. The pair is up 0.21% on the day at the time of writing this Our outlook The Aussie buck still has no real strength behind it since the central bank never mentioned a rate hike any time […]

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Gold To $1900? Do This Now

11/18/2021 If COT continues to show us more buying, we might be able to see a $1900 gold bullion price in the coming weeks. Price is now stalling around the $1860s even though institutions are buying it up. Our outlook As inflation fears come back into view and are in the forefront of investors' concerns, […]

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What Now For This Precious Metal?

11/15/2021 A decrease in buyer and seller futures activity has gold relatively flat on the day for now. Price is down -0.11% after it appeared to have topped out at clean resistance in the $1860s. Our outlook It looks like gold may have to take a breather in the short term after a meteoric run […]

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Will Gold Hit $2000 By The End Of The Year?

11/12/2021 This precious metal is finally moving upward after months of failed rallies and lots of ranging even when inflation and interest rate news was being discussed in the summer. Gold is around 1.89% higher than July highs and could be looking to test June highs of $1916. Our outlook Investors have not really been […]

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