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Impeding Correction In The Equities Markets?

9/17/2021 Stocks are down -0.58% this morning after coming down to test a significant level of support once again. While stocks fall, the dollar rises in the anticipation of sooner-than-expected tapering by the Fed along with a hike in interest rates starting in 2022. Our outlook Other than September being one of the worst months […]

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EURUSD- Is It Now Time To Sell This Pair?

9/16/2021 The Euro-Dollar pair is down over 0.5% today after several days in the red. Today's speech by EU president Lagarde mentioned how the economic recovery had come quicker than expected six months ago. This was praised by the prompt vaccine distribution so citizens could get back to work. Across the pond, the US just […]

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What To Make Of The Latest CPI News

9/14/2021 This morning's report on CPI m/m and core CPI m/m came in at a lower percentage than expected which resulted in a falling dollar pre-New York session. The USD is now volatile under the uncertainty of potential tapering and rising rates while the equities market seems to be rising because of this. Our outlook […]

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Institutions Dumped The Buck- How To Trade This

9/13/2021 Big money has been moving out of Australia's currency for nearly a month now which has been the biggest drop in long contracts in this amount of time year-to-date. Australia's dollar index (AXY) is up 0.06% at 73.61 on the day after rebounding from the lows around 71.19. Our outlook Australia's economy has surprised […]

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USD Vs. CAD, Which Is The Better Play?

9/10/2021 The summer was a constant back-and-forth struggle in sentiment between the two currencies. Now that we are nearing the tail end of Q3, things have changed from a monetary standpoint. The Fed keeps flashing signals of potential tapering this year and making investors consider a sooner-than-expected rate hike. Our outlook Both countries have great […]

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What You Should Know About US Jobless Claims

9/9/2021 Jobless claims reported this morning which came in lower than expected, a good sign for investors in the stock market. Expectations were 343K and actual was 310K. Prices in the indices were pushing higher in the morning and are now fluctuating on the open. Our outlook I think this is good news for the […]

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El Salvador Adopts BTC As Their Main Currency- How To Trade Bitcoin This Week

9/7/2021 El Salvador is now the first country in the world to be accepting Bitcoin as its national currency. The country just bought 400 BTC as it plans to go full adoption today. On top of this, crypto mining is starting to come back after it was banned in China- where the majority of global […]

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This Metal Just Hit A Triple Top- Trading Gold

9/6/2021 Gold has been making steady gains for the past several weeks starting mid August after hitting March and April lows. The USD has been struggling ever since the symposium meet-up in Jackson Hole where the Fed indicated they might start to taper this year but not raise interest rates in 2021. The pair is […]

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What You Should Know About Latest NFP And Unemployment

9/3/2021 Today's NFP numbers were staggeringly poor relative to last month's actual and this month's expectation. This has led to the majors moving hard against the USD dips close to July lows. The unemployment rate, however, was able to decline from 5.4% to 5.2% and meet expectations. Our outlook We may continue to see a […]

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How To Trade Important USD Economic News Tomorrow

9/2/2021 This week's news reported mostly good numbers so far for the USD as PMI beats expectations as well as unemployment claims. The dollar dipped as a result of this, and investors may be looking to more risk-on trades for the remainder of this week. Our outlook The dollar appears weaker on this news, however, […]

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