Advertising on TraderNick's YouTube Channel

Our channel, "TraderNick", has a very large following of traders and investors, worldwide. Below you will find some analytics and pricing for partnering with us on our channel.

626.4k views in September 2020

During September of 2020, the channel had an impressive view count of over 625,000.

Here's where our viewers are coming from

A large component of our views comes from the United States, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. 

Age and gender demographics 

Most of viewers on our YouTube channel tend to be males 18-44 years old.

Audience & exposure 

As seen above, the channel had an impressive 7.5 million impressions. YouTube describes impressions as: "How many times your video thumbnails were shown to viewers. Includes only impressions on YouTube, not on external sites or apps." 

Pricing & Rates

Community Tab Showcase of your product/service - $500

By having your product / service showcased and linked in our community tab, you'll be in direct view of our subscribers on our YouTube channel, and can pitch why your product is worth checking out. If we agree to post your ad after reviewing it, your post will be left on the community tab for people to see and a link can be provided in the post.

Sponsor one of Nick's Videos - $750

If you're interested in sponsoring a video, your product + script you provide us will be highlighted at the beginning of the video for 30-60 seconds, with a link in the top of the description for people to check out and view your product/service. You will be able to discuss which kind of video you would like to sponsor with us upon setting up your ad. Nick just needs a script, then we will review your product/service to see if it is a fit for the channel.

Featured Video on YouTube - $2000

If you would like a full blown video reviewing your product, we can discuss this and whether it would be a fit for the channel. As seen in the example above, Nick reviewed a tool for a client, with a link in the description and contact details for the individual. 

A1 Trading Company

A1 Trading Company is a financial services and media business founded in Atlanta, USA.
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