Customer Reviews & Testimonials

The following sites have posted reviews about our products / services, as well as some customer feedback. We value our customers and do everything in our power to under promise and overdeliver. 
Benzinga Review: 4/5 Stars
Benzinga is a worldwide leader in market data, connecting the world with news, data, and education in the financial space. Click the link above to see the review they wrote about the A1 Trading Community.
Forex Peace Army Reviews: ~4.3/5 Stars
Forex Peace Army is a third party site offering clients the ability to review forex related products and services. Click above to read what some of our past customers have said.
Trust Pilot: ~4.4/5 Stars is a consumer review website which hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. Click above to view reviews from past customers on their site.

Trading Performance & Track Records

Please note that past performance is not indicative of future results, and all trading carries a significant amount of risk. We recommend you consult with a licensed financial advisor prior to making any investment decision.

Nick's Stock Trading & Investing Portfolio

Nick's more aggressive stock portfolio focuses on some options trading, as well as investing in high growth, high risk stocks. This is an updated performance chart as of November 30th, 2020, showing around 9 months of trading performance and floating just over 85% ROI. 
Nick has shown this profile a few times on YouTube, see below:
Buying $50k worth of stocks videoI Bought $50k worth of stocks: Here's What Happened
Below you will find trading performance, tracked by a third party website known as MyFxBook. This site is not affiliated with A1 Trading in any way, and offers customers a way to see some of our public performance in the markets without any intervention.
Click Here to View our MyFxBook Account

Trading Performance (Past Accounts)

Please note that these accounts are no longer actively being traded, but have been recorded here. 
Below is a slow and steady large forex account managed from January 1st through the end of July (about 7 months). This account was managed with a combination of automated & manual trading intervention, by our head analyst, Nick Syiek. The main focus with this larger account was to return slow and steady, while keeping drawdown to a minimum. The strategy employed was a mean reversion system focused on higher time frame swing trades. 

At one point, this account had reached about 20% in profit, prior to the covid-19 outbreak in 2020. The change in market conditions caused volatility to spike and ultimately led this account to decline by ~9%, and resulted in a profit of about 11% prior to withdrawing. These returns may not be glamorous, but with markets worldwide dropping by 30%+, retiring this account until more stable market conditions resumed was likely a  good decision overall.
Below is a trading account Nick traded during the unique covid-19 market crash with a strategy specific to crash-like environments (high risk, high reward, volatility based). This account was much higher risk than the accounts Nick usually trades, and closed for a profit of roughly 35% in about 4 months of trading activity. The drawdown during this period was roughly 15%. Due to a switch in brokers, Nick closed this account officially 10/30/2020.

An additional note about this trade: Nick initially took trades on this account on US30, which resulted in some skewed positive results. In the interest of transparency, the trades opened resulted in much larger than expected returns, due to the high levels of volatility and contract size trading this instrument. Following the image below is a link to a video where Nick shows this account on his MyFxBook account. 

Please note, MyFxbook can be manipulated using the "inspect element" tool in some browsers, but refreshing the page nullifies this. Nick makes sure to refresh the page in the video below on camera to load the account and display results.
Click here to view the video Nick did on this account.

LIVE Video Results

In this video, Nick shows a live forex account where he is withdrawing around $8000 in profits, as well as some of the realistic side of making that money.
In this video, Nick talks about a great trading month he had in April 2020, but puts it in context with some of the drawdowns he experienced the month before. All accounts shown are real verified accounts, and Nick points out how he worked his way out of a drawdown and into a solid profit overall.
In this video, Nick is trading one of his accounts, showing it is a real account in the top left. This account at the time of recording had around $30,000 USD in equity, and Nick closed a few thousand dollars worth of profit on camera.
In this YouTube playlist, Nick trades live on camera, showing winners and losers. Additionally, he breaks down each of the trades being taken, noting mistakes and successes alike.

A1 Trading Company

A1 Trading Company is a financial services and media business founded in Atlanta, USA.
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