Track Record

Below is a verified track record of trading performance, on a live Forex account.

Transparent, realistic trading is what we are all about. Below you will find some of our performance, tracked by a third party website known as MyFxBook. This site is not affiliated with A1 Trading in any way, and offers customers a way to see some of our performance in the markets without any intervention.

What you will notice is that performance varies depending on market volatility. Our goal is build accounts a steady and consistent rate, with a low risk of ruin. Doubling accounts and going “all in” is not what we are about. Through a mix of automated trading systems and discretionary trading strategies, our team aims to compound gains over time with conservative approaches.


In this video, Nick talks about a great trading month he had in April 2020, but puts it in context with some of the drawdowns he experienced the month before. All accounts shown are real verified accounts, and Nick points out how he worked his way out of a drawdown and into a solid profit overall.

In this video, Nick is trading one of his accounts, showing it is a real account in the top left. This account at the time of recording had around $30,000 USD in equity, and Nick closed a few thousand dollars worth of profit on camera.

In this YouTube playlist, Nick trades live on camera, showing winners and losers. Additionally, he breaks down each of the trades being taken, noting mistakes and successes alike.