A1 Trading Company

Verified Track Record

Transparency is important to us. That is why we have been tracking our trading performance for over 3 years using myfxbook.com.  

Or, watch our brokerage account login on camera.

Our Trading Results:

Our own live trading results, on a US regulated broker!

2023 Trading Results - LIVE

+147.01% in live market returns

Traded from 2020-2023, on our personal funds!

~2-5% average monthly returns*

Monthly returns vary, depending on market conditions

0-2 trades shares per day

Our traders are highly active, and trade a range of assets / markets in our group

We trade indices, currencies, commodities, and stocks

As a US clients, we trade using Webull

MyFxBook Verified!

3 years+ of performance tracked on myfxbook.
*Please note, past performance is not indicative of future results. Trading the foreign exchange, futures market, or stock market carries a large degree of risk. Please see our full risk disclaimer here

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Join the our VIP discord for live updates on all of our trades! Watch this video to see a sneak peak into the community:
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