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EdgeFinder + TTF Strategy Performance

Please note, past performance is not indicative of future results. Trading the foreign exchange, futures market, or stock market carries a large degree of risk. Please see our full risk disclaimer here

Strategy Description

Third-Party Verified Performance

Tracked on, for over 24 months publicly

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This account is being traded by A1 Trading's own money.

Active Now

This system is actively being traded by our trading firm.

Conservative Trading

We prioritize keeping drawdown to a minimum & capital preservation on this account 
The method utilized to produce the growth in this trading account is the "TTF Strategy", in combination with the EdgeFinder, our market scanning software. This is the primary strategy utilized by two of our head traders, Frank Cabibi & Nick Syiek, within our VIP group. With membership access, you will also be able to download the full trading strategy explanation in PDF form.

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