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About Me

Hi! My name is Nick Syiek, and I've been actively trading currencies, commodities, and stocks for the last several years.

I focus on a mix of automated and discretionary trading, and believe strongly in taking a slow and steady approach. 

On my socials, I share my day to day experience as an active trader, and hope you come along for the ride! 
BEWARE of Impersonators! There are many fake profiles on social media using my pictures and content to defraud people online. Please refer to the links below to see my only real accounts.

Meet my team!

Located in Atlanta Georgia, A1 Trading is a software company that specializes in creating tools for traders. We design and sell a collection of market scanners, data visualization tools, and indicators for traders.

A1 Trading also helps traders be better informed with daily market news on our various social platforms. 

Check us out on our website here:
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