The A1 Trading VIP Community

The A1 Trading Community is designed for traders looking to collaborate with experienced traders and advance in their trading careers.  

Inside this community, which is hosted by the discord app, you will be given access to our analysts' signals & analysis, exclusive educational videos and PDFs and a community chatroom where you can collaborate and trade with other traders.

Get access to our trades!

Between the five of our analysts you will receive anywhere between 0-5 signals per day, depending on the condition of the market. Our analysts aim for 50-100 pips per week, however, this may vary depending on the week.

At A1 Trading, we encourage members to use our analysts' signals for educational purposes and encourage members to only take trades that they agree with. Our goal is to educate traders to become successful traders independently. We do not encourage copy trading. We believe a trader will become most successful with the correct education and training.

Meet our Analysts!



Nick is an active currency  and stock market trader and the founder of A1 Trading. Nick works inside the a1 trading community, trading and managing the business side. Nick trades the Asian and New York session.


Bart is a short term swing/day trader, specializing in currencies. Bart trades the London and New York session.


Edi is an FTMO funded trader, with a background in finance. Inside  the group, Edi specializes in short term day trading, swing trading, and currencies. Edi trades the London session


Frank is an experienced analyst, trading major indices and stocks. Frank trade primarily during the New York & Asian sessions


Tasos is active inside the A1 trading community sharing his own trade ideas and working with members. Tasos trades the London & Asian sessions

Worried about the time difference? We got you covered.

Our analysts share their signals during the New York, Asian and London sessions. We also have members from all around the world who are sharing their analysis in our chatroom 24/7. Members will not be at a disadvantage in the community by joining from a different time zone.

Exclusive Educational Videos

Inside our education section, you will get access to our exclusive videos and pdfs for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders. Below is a list of topics covered in the education portal.   


What is Forex, What is a Currency Pair, and What is a Broker

Choosing a Good Broker

An Introduction to Metatrader 4

The Different Types of Market Analysis: Technical & Fundamental Analysis

How to Choose a Proper Lot Size

The Basics of Building a Trading Strategy

Trend Following

Mean Reversion / Reversal Trading

Moving Averages


How to Backtest a Strategy

Stress Testing

Track Record and Testimonials

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Our Memberships

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Our monthly membership includes access to our VIP membership for 30 days.
Yearly Membership

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Our yearly membership includes access to our VIP membership for 365 days. 
Gold Membership

$399.99 USD

Our gold membership includes lifetime access to our VIP community as well as unlimited access to all of our current and future software.

A1 Trading Company

A1 Trading Company is a financial services and media business founded in Atlanta, USA.
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