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Trade Signals & Analysis from our Top Traders

All trade setups being shared come with entry, exit, and reasoning behind the trade. Members can see what our team of traders is up to, and trade what they agree with.

  • Nick: Forex Analyst | Asian & New York Session
  • Val: XAU/USD Analyst | London & Asian Session
  • Tasos: Forex Analyst | London & Asian Session
  • Bart: Forex Analyst | London & New York Session
  • Anders: Fundamental Analyst | London & New York Session

Entries, Exits, & Analysis

When a new trade alert is sent to members from one of our analysts, both trade details (Entry, SL, TP, etc) and analysis are shared. We believe it is important to learn WHY a trade is being taken, so that members can make their own trading decisions. We do not encourage members to copy signals, but rather evaluate the trade ideas and to trade only what they agree with.

Our live 24/7 Trading Community

We use a custom built discord server to host our community, where you can find everything organized for easy navigation. Inside the group you’ll find our community of traders sharing ideas, chatting about current events, and general discussion.

  • Active trading chatroom
  • Educational PDF & downloadable trading strategy library
  • Nick’s trading strategy
  • Tasos’ market pattern strategies
  • Community trade ideas shared by members

The Best Place for Traders to Connect

Our staff at A1 Trading is dedicated to providing a wholesome and helpful online community for traders. Our goal is to bring dedicated traders together, and to maintain a high quality online community where members can share thoughts, and discuss markets.

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