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Sponsor a Featured Article

Our team will create a article showcasing your product, website, or brand, featured on our website

High Interest Article Feature

Our team of content writers will be happy to paint a picture about your business, product, or brand through a professionally written article. 

Our site get's thousands of impressions every day, and can be a fantastic lead generator and trust builder.

Promoted articles offer a unique and intimate way for clients to learn about what you have to offer, and can have excellent conversion rates.

A featured article on our site can either be written by our team, or supplied by yours. The article will feature your brand, and can be linked to any webpage you prefer.

Side Panel Feature

By sponsoring an article and pinning it to the right side of our main page, you'll be able to stay in front of readers longer.

This feature will remain active for the period of time you choose to sponsor an article for, then removed after.

Our home page is our busiest page on the site, so having your website featured here will likely result in many impressions!

Featured Headline Article

Get front and center on our home page! By being placed in our featured home page slot, you will receive the most traffic to your article. 

Similar to high interest articles, you have the option to either have our team write your featured piece, or supply us with one of your own. 

Please note, we proofread any supplied articles, and may insist on minor changes if the article is not appropriate for our site.

Partner with us!

Our goal is to make you successful, and build long term partnerships. Send us a message and we will be happy to work something out!

High Interest Article Feature

We do the research & writing
Professionally written
Links and CTAs to your site/page
Price: $300 (7 days)

Side Panel Feature

Home page side panel feature
Key sales points shown
Links and CTAs to your site/page
Price: $1000 (30 days)

Featured Headline Article

Home page main feature 
Professionally written
Links and CTAs to your site/page
Price: $1000 (7 days)

A1 Trading Company

A1 Trading Company is a financial services and media business founded in Atlanta, USA.
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