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The A1 Trading Forex Community

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The A1 Trading Community creates a space for prospective and current forex traders to get access to the latest insights, community chatrooms and unique trade ideas.

The A1 Trading Community is perfect for serious traders looking to step up their trading game and collaborate with like-minded traders. The community is NOT for traders looking to "get rich quick" or only looking to copy signals. 

More Than Just a Forex Signal Service 

Trade Alerts

View 0-3 Trades Per Day From Our Team Of Traders. Get Their Entries, Exits, & Full Analysis. 


Chat with members from over 100 countries 24/7! Collaborate with our helpful members and moderators. 


Watch Live Webinars with Joe Barrecca.  Download guides to help with building your profitable trading plan, trading psychology, fundamental analysis & more!

What Our Members Have to Say:

A1 Trading is the Best, HUGELY Recommended!

"This community is purely awesome. I'm quite a beginner with trading but i've tried different groups so far in order to improve myself by communicating with others and moreover with affirmed traders. A1 trading is the best environment I found: full of educational content, nice and professional people, continuous support, clarity about trading style improvement and future pecuniary expectations. Personally, I don't often follow Nick, Frank or Patrick' trades, I prefer to improve my operativity by making my own decisions, but A1 trading is the best even when it comes to talking with others or sharing your opinions. I grew a lot thanks to them and now I know what to expect and what to do in order to get more and more professional every day and to reach my trading goals."

Pietro Zaccaria on Trust Pilot

Best find so far for trading insight!

"I chanced upon them when I was about 8 months into trading Forex and was looking for something to take me to the next level. Their free Youtube content was leaps and bounds above what I would expect to find for free online. Their explanation and reasoning resonated with me and I picked up many useful concepts.

I purchased their lifetime membership and enjoy to see their constant improvements and increasing value that they bring to me as a trader who aspires to do this full time in the future.

They also have a website which provides a lot of useful free trading content which I foresee to be a huge place for traders with their increasing popularity."

Lim Jia Shern on Trust Pilot

Solid Group of Traders/Educators

"In my opinion, this is a one-of-a-kind type of group that I wish I stumbled upon 7 years ago when I first learned about forex. They offer signals backed by the information that will help turn the probabilities in your favor. I would suggest you put the work in to learn to trade for yourself and not rely on signals. If you do that, the pros in that group actually care about everyone in the group. They are always helpful and looking for ways to improve their support. They are always writing up weekly tidbits about the different pairs we should pay attention to for the upcoming week. There are people like Nick and Joe who regularly live stream - there is solid information that I come away with after attending. They also build indicators to assist with trading.

I really only have good to say about this group. It was worth the cost, I am happy to be part of it and I am looking forward to seeing how the people in charge can make something that is already great, even better."

Abe Gelkopf on Trust Pilot

Why do you need an online community?

Endless Resources
Being in a trading community brings you closer to traders with all different types of experiences and ideas to bring to the table. 
Connect with Like-minded traders
Have you ever felt like you needed to talk to someone about your trading journey but didn't know where to look? Inside of a trading community you will be able to chat with traders 24/7. 

A1 Trading Company

A1 Trading Company is a financial services and media business founded in Atlanta, USA.
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